Making waves in patient monitoring and diagnosis.

Computer Tomography

Canon Medical Systems have developed a range of computer tomography systems that have become the gold standard in CT imaging around the world. Being market leaders with TECMED AFRICA for the past two years in South Africa, as well as recipients of the Best in KLAS Awards and the Frost and Sullivan Awards internationally, these products are setting new standards in CT imaging.

Our wide range of CT scanners on offer have a solution to meet every department’s needs. Our scanners offer consistent low dose acquisitions, high levels of image quality and efficient workflow solutions across the entire platform.

AIDR 3D and FIRST are incorporated into our range of Canon CT scanners as shown below. With the integration of AIDR 3D into SURE Exposure controls, the radiation exposure is automatically reduced before the scan ensuring the lowest dose is given for the diagnostic task at hand, no matter what the size or shape of the patient.

Vitrea, now an integral part of Canon Medical systems provide excellent imaging workstations and software packages.