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First contract in South Africa signed for Sectra’s enterprise image management solution

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International medical imaging IT company Sectra (STO: SECT B) announces that the South African radiology group Dr’s De Beer and De Jager is investing in Sectra’s enterprise image management solution for its practice. With this solution, the radiology services across the group’s sites will benefit from efficient sharing of both images and workload. Having access to the complete patient history regardless of the imaging center that the patient has attended will also benefit patient care. Sectra recently announced an agreement with a distribution partner in South Africa and this is the first order in that market.

Dr’s De Beer and De Jager has its main operation in Pretoria, South Africa. Sectra’s solution will be used at the group’s main imaging centers—the Muelmed Mediclinic, Lifestyle Radiology and Medforum Mediclinic. Eleven radiologists will use the solution to review examinations from more than 30 imaging modalities across the three imaging centers and two medium sized hospitals, each having more than 200 beds.

“Our group prides itself in being a radiological practice that combines best of breed innovation with a human-centered approach to healthcare. Sectra’s solution, with its track record of extremely high system availability and continuous development, suits us very well. In addition, with Sectra’s solution we will be able to efficiently expand the system to other departments if we want to do so in the future,” says Dr Marthinus Malan at Dr’s De Beer and De Jager.

The contract includes Sectra’s solution for handling radiology images (PACS), a vendor-neutral archive (VNA), advanced visualization tools for 3D and anatomical linking as well as lesion tracking. These are all components of Sectra’s Enterprise Image Management solution which is available to healthcare providers in South Africa through a distribution agreement with Tecmed Africa.