Maintenance Packages
Tecmed Africa 2.0 is proud to be able to provide our valued customers with maintenance packages tailored to suite your budget or needs. From the basic Bronze package of minimal maintenance and annual checks including factory issued updates through to the Silver package that includes all the aspects of the Bronze package but with the added advantage of having all normal hours repair and maintenance labour costs included. Both packages do not include the cost of replacement spare parts or vacuum elements.
In the middle sector of our maintenance packages is the Gold package that includes maintenance, factory updates, labour costs during normal hours and spare parts that are required to perform repairs and maintenance materials as well as quality assurance testing and submission. This package does not include the replacement of vacuum elements like older technology detectors, image intensifiers and x-ray tube units. All Ultrasound probes and rigid and flexible scopes are not included in this package either unless it can be identified that the units failed due to normal usage.
At the upper end of our maintenance packages is the Platinum plan that includes all of the Gold package benefits along with the mentioned Vacuum elements.
No contract that we offer will cover damage by misuse or by accidental or deliberate damage by operator or patients.

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