05 August 2020

Tecmed is proud to introduce our locally produced UV-C light sterilization system.

Pentax Medical – The next step in AI 

04 August 2020

Pentax Medical to introduce the next step in AI at the 2020 SAGES Virtual Congress

06 – 13 August 2020

Canon Medical Systems – Inspire new fronteirs with the Vantage Centurian

03 August 2020

Press release: Major healthcare providers in Israel choose Sectra’s digital pathology solution for full-scale primary diagnostics

on 29 July 2020

Linköping, Sweden – July 9, 2020 – Hadassah Medical Center and Assuta Medical Center, two of the leading healthcare providers in Israel, have decided to digitize their pathology departments with a solution from international medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra (STO: SECT B). The digital workflow will enable pathologists to review and collaborate around cases in a way that is not possible using a microscope. It reduces variation and increases efficiency in primary diagnostics, thereby improving fields such as cancer care.
The systems at Hadassah Medical Center and Assuta Medical Center were sold by Sectra’s distribution partner in Israel, Medi-Far Healthcare Solutions. Hadassah Medical Center performs about 40,000 pathology examinations per year across its two university hospitals and 120 clinics located in Jerusalem. Assuta Medical Center consists of four hospitals and carries out approximately 160,000 pathology examinations per year.
“It was important for us to choose a solution that has a track record of high system availability and has been proven to work for full-scale primary diagnostics handling large volumes and incorporating AI innovations,” says Dr Liat Aple-Sarid, Chief Medical Manager, Pathology Lab at Assuta Medical Center.
“Sectra’s solution will optimize our workflows through state-of-the-art clinical tools and AI innovations. It will support us in delivering the best possible cancer care, and expand the services we provide to clinicians and patients,” says Dr. Asaf Gertler at Hadassah Medical Center.
With digital images of tissue samples instead of physical glass slides, pathologists are able to instantly access and share current and historical images and information between departments and hospitals. The digital solution provides pathologists with assistance at critical decision points, such as grading or performing more precise measurements. It also enables image analysis, which in turn reduces variation and improves the precision of tasks such as cell counting. Digital access also facilitates second opinions, external reading resources, and specialist consultations.
At both healthcare providers, the solution will be integrated with the laboratory information system (LIS). This will provide pathologists with a complete overview of the patient history in one application and enable workflow orchestration to drive the reporting workflow according to sub-specialties, rules, and priorities. The solution’s vendor-neutral approach also gave the two healthcare providers the freedom to select the scanner vendor of their choice.
Sectra’s pathology solution is part of its enterprise imaging offering. It provides a unified strategy for all imaging needs, and improves patient outcomes while lowering operational costs. The scalable and modular solution, with a VNA at its core, allows healthcare providers to grow from ology to ology and from enterprise to enterprise. Read more about Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution and why Sectra PACS is ranked “Best in KLAS” for seven consecutive years at
Watch this video to learn more about how digital pathology can enable increased efficiency and higher precision for pathologists.

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