Ackermann Laparoscopic Instruments And Accessories

Ackermann Product Line
Reusable, dismountable instrument lines – All types of laparoscopic instruments and accessories. Ackermann offers you detachable instrument lines with different features – the right solution for every user.
Our main instrument:
• TI LINE © – Hybrid
• FUTURE LAP© – Hybrid
• SYSTEM A © – Bipolar
Convincing variety – Over 250 different instrument mouth parts meet every surgeon’s needs and all procedural requirements. In addition, our designers can design each jaw part again for individual needs, which enables us to provide a practically unlimited range of instruments.
Our handles – strong helpers – Our main instrument lines are designed to ensure the least possible movement between the parts and thus offer the surgeon better tactile feedback. The handles have a finger holder, which supports dexterity in handling the corresponding instruments and reduces rapid fatigue.
The concept of efficiency – Our special Radel stem insulation promises surgeons superior safety, performance and durability during use in patients compared to competitive heat shrink tubing, resulting in minimal maintenance costs. In addition, the 360 ° rotation capability supports positioning with just one finger.
Our needle holders – The Ackermann ETH needle holders made of unbreakable stainless steel offer the user overload protection, a cleaning connection, ergonomic axial handles with integrated ratchet and a locking mechanism for precise adjustment and controlled voltages. In addition, the needle holders support the new self-erection technique, which eliminates the need to turn the instrument to help the surgeon sew and thus reduce the risk of complications.

Ackermann XPRESS LOCK © Reusable Instruments
Latest instrument system with quick-locking mechanism.
Innovative ratchet design for on-off-action.
360° rotatable with audible and tactile feedback.
Demountable into handle, sheath and insert.
Most ergonomic handles in different designs for every surgeon’s physique.
No hidden spaces for blood and debris deposits.
Time saving due to easy cleaning and assembly.
Cost effective – design reduces cost per case.



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