Allen Bow Frame

The Allen™ Bow™ Frame is a platform used to perform less complex spine surgeries.
The Allen™ Bow™ Frame is more versatile than the existing Wilson™ Frame, as the single device attaches to standard operating tables, Allen Advance Table, Allen Flex Frame, and the Mizuho OSI Modular Table System.
Patient weight capacity 227 kg.
Radiolucent allowing for unrestricted C-arm access.
Removable crank is used to adjust the amount of flex and tension in the patient supports.
Lightweight for easy set-up and every Bow Frame comes with a storage cart.
The Allen™ Bow™ Frame shape creates the desired reverse lordosis needed to open the intervertebral spaces further enabling the patient’s abdomen to hang free during procedures.
Ideal for use with Laminectomy, Microdisc procedures, Disc procedures, Fusion procedures, Decompressions and Foraminotomy.



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