Allen C-Flex Head Positioning System

Patient weight capacity 227kg
Allen ™C-Flex™ Head Positioning System makes Head Adjustments Easy… Just Squeeze And Position
The modular system can be used to position the head during spine surgery. The quick-connect coupler makes connecting to a skull clamp easy.
Ability to “squeeze and position” supports readjustments intraoperatively. An extensive range of motion makes the C-Flex system ideal for use with extremely kyphotic patients, anterior artificial discs, and lateral procedures.
• Cervical flexion / extension.
• Lumbar positioning, adjusting vertically for kyphotic patients and lateral positioning
Device weight 9 kg and works with Standard and Radiolucent Skull Clamps and Headrest Systems from DORO™ and Mayfield®*
Includes fold-away mirror, easy airway access.



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