Allen Spine System (Extension)

Patient Weight Capacity: 227 kg (500 lbs)
Allen™ Spine System (Extension) is an Innovative Table Extension That Turns Your Existing Standard Operating Table Into A Spine Table For Complex Spine Surgical Procedures.
Enabling you to perform spine surgery with the positioning benefits of a stand alone spine table such as the Allen Advance Table. I
In addition offering you intraoperative lumbar flex and a small storage footprint with the advanced accessories adjusting to fit the individual patient’s anatomy.
Intraoperative Flex using the power of the table to flex and reposition the
Saves Space: Stores in less than 0.5 sq m and Radiolucent Extension 1220 mm x 430 mm accessories can be stored on the frame.
Provides excellent C-Arm and O-Arm access.
Optimised Pressure Management: Chest, hip, and head supports.



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