Seiler Alpha Air 6 ENT Operating Microscope-Focus On Precision

The Seiler Alpha Air 6 truly revolutionizes the way an ENT Microscope performs and operates.  The Alpha Air 6 offers six levels of magnification, Apochromatic  Lenses for superior optics, the brightest LED Illumination on the market and an exceptionally designed for superior maneuverability and performance.
6 step turret magnification system (3 step turret available on the Alpha Air 3).
LED Illumination + 150,000 LUX, 50,000 hour life
Widefield eyepieces with dioptic locks: 10x, 12.5x 16x, and 20x
True Coaxial Illumination=”Shadow Free”.
Objective Lens: 175mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, and 400mm
OPTIONAL: Vario Focus Lens – 200mm-350mm, Straight Head Standard (0-220 Inclinable Binocular Head or Inclined Fixed 45 head available)
Red Free Filter standard
USB and 12V DC power support directly on optic pod (charge
Handycams, GoPro, DSLR, HD, CCD.
Mounting Options:
Floor | Ceiling | Wall | High Wall | Tabletop • 50/50-50/50, 50/50-20/80 Beamsplitter
Assistant Binocular Head, Extender/Rotation Device, Laser Filters, Iris Diaphragm, Vario Focus, DSLR Camera (Nikon, Canon, or Sony), Full 1080P HD Live Video, and GoPro


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