ESWELL Positioning Pads

ESWELL products designed to improve positioning of the patient during surgery.
ESWELL products ensure that a patient is correctly positioned in order to facilitate Anaesthesia & Surgical Procedure under best possible conditions.
ESWELL Products further prevent possible positioning injuries such as pressure ulcers, shear and nerve damages.
Increasing the pressure distribution, and thereby improving circulation of the blood.
Secure and comfortable positioning of the patient even in awkward positions.
Easy to use and provide help when re-positioning.
ESWELL products achieve this by combining up to seven (7) different types of Viscoelastic and HR foams.
Some are designed with up to three (3) different foam types.
Viscoelastic is a high-tech material originally developed by NASA absorbing body heat and moulding itself gently to the body, thus giving it the improved support during surgery.
ESWELL Covers are waterproof and breathing Decu-Tex material, which, mainly consists of polyurethane.
ESWELL covers are fully-welded and fitted with a water resistant zipper, which makes it possible to remove and wash (up to 95 Deg C).
ESWELL Pads are manufactured in several different colours which some hospitals use to classify and categorise for different positioning as well as to identify which dept they belong in.



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