Trumpf iLED7 Operating Theatre Lights

iLED™ 7 Surgical Light the World in a New Light Intelligent Lighting.
Innovative technology is a key factor to consider when improving the OR environment.
With its new generation of LED OR lights, Trumpf Medical is once again setting new standards.
iLED™ 7 Surgical Light – the LED light that thinks.
The automatic lighting management system uses the latest 3D sensor technology to continuously analyze the surgical area, automatically adapting the lighting conditions and eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
In addition, an innovative shadow management system ensures that unwanted shadows, such as those cast by the surgeon’s head, are compensated for automatically. The surgeons are able to concentrate fully on their work, to the full benefit of the patient.
Smart Illumination for Continuous Light Intensity
If the usual working distance is changed, the 3D sensor in the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light automatically adjusts the light field size and illumination level of up to 160,000 lx.
iLED™ 7 Focusable light field size (d10) in 1 m (cm) | (inch) 16–25 | 6.3–9.8
Color temperature (K) 3,500 | 4,000 | 4,500 | 5,000
Color rendering index (Ra) max. 97 Technical Data iLED™ 7 Technical Data iLED™ 7
Focusable light field size (d10) in 1 m (cm) | (inch) 16–25 | 6.3–9.8


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