Laborie Goby Ct Urodynamics System

Full urodynamics test capability – Perform all standard clinic procedures including Uroflow, Cystometrogram (CMG), Pressure Flow Study, Urethral Pressure Profiles (UPP), Stress Tests & Leak Point Pressures. Compact form based on a custom cart with a laptop computer.
Wireless and modular design – Maximize convenience for both clinicians and patients with the combination of battery power and Bluetooth® technology. Enable healthcare professionals to perform urodynamic tests reproducing real-life scenarios when a patient leaks.
Variable mounting options – Choose the Goby set-up to suit your clinical needs with Cart, Procedure Chair, IV Pole, Tabletop or Travel Case options available.
Optional accessories – Enhance the system to make your workflow easier with a UPP Puller, Infusion Transducer, Commode Chair, Uroflow Stand or Remote Control
Additional applications – Specialized options for different procedures including Clinic Urodynamics, Mobile Use, Ambulatory Studies, Goby EQ (EMG & Uroflow).
Goby™ CT is the smart choice for clinic use – allowing you to focus on the patient while enjoying true freedom of movement.



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