Seiler Evolution Zoom Focus For Ent, Neuro, Spine & Plastics – Focus ...

Multidisciplinary Surgical Microscope Neurosurgery, Spine, ENT, and Plastic.

Technical Specifications:
Magnification Changer: ZOOM 1:6 Motorized
Widefield Eyepieces 10x, 12.5x, and 20x, Diopter adjustment +6/-6
LED Illumination + 100,000 LUX, 50,000 hour life
OPTIONAL: Xenon Illumination=180,000 LUX, Halogen Illumination=80,000 LUX
Motorized 40mm Fine Focus
Optional XY Unit range 50mm with automatic reset Button
Control Unit: Multi-functional Display for illumination, focus, zoom,
and automatic reset
Hand/Foot Switch: 14 function foot pedal and 8 function hand
control grip
50/50 -50/50, 50/50-20/80 Beamsplitter
Full 1080P HD Live Video, All DSLR Camera Attachments
Assistant Binocular Teaching Head, Extender/Rotation Device
Laser Filters, Iris Diaphragm


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