Allen Yellofins Stirrups the Gold Standard In Lithotomy

The Allen™ Yellofins™ Stirrups enable surgical personnel to lift and position a patient’s legs, then safely and securely hold the legs in position while surgical procedures are performed.
The Allen Yellofins stirrup family differs in that because of the lateral safety fin, and the patented Lift-Assist™ technology as the boot is extended along its lateral side is padded on the interior.
The purpose of this fin is to cover and protect the head of the fibula and hence, the peroneal nerve of which these structures are susceptible to injury when using “non boot” type stirrups because of exposure to the possibility of direct pressure.
In addition, Lift-Assist technology neutralizes the leg weight, enabling staff to easily move the leg to any desired position which is extremely helpful with heavy patients, both in preventing staff back injuries, and by enhancing patient comfort and safety.
Ideal for use with:
GYN, Urological, Laproscopic, Robotic, and Colorectal procedures including TAVH, LAVH, Colposcopy, Cryosurgery, LEEP Procedures, D&C.
The only stirrups on the market that enable easy simultaneous adjustment of abduction and lithotomy



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