Trumpf TruPort™ 5000/7000 Supply Units

TruPort™ Supply Unit Flexibility has never been easier and is ready for every assignment
TruPort™ Supply Unit providing functional solutions for greater flexibility and improved ergonomics.
Large coverage area, high load capacity and almost unlimited configuration options make a broad range of applications possible
With Medical workstations in ICUs and operating rooms now being subjected to new challenges and modifications almost daily an increasing number of devices and instruments are improving medical possibilities but require extremely flexible supply systems:
TruPort™ Supply Unit provides not just adjustable storage areas or extendable connections for gas, electricity and data, but improved safety and ergonomics too.
TruPort™ Supply Unit ensures that everything is in the right place.
The highly flexible, ceiling-mounted TruPort™ Supply System, by Trumpf Medical satisifies all end user requirements.
Modular design allows you to integrate new components whenever necessary or indeed to completely reconfigure the TruPort™ Supply Unit.
This versatility makes the TruPort™ Supply Unit one of the most efficient and future-proof supply systems in the world.


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