Trumpf TruSystem 3000 Operating Room Theatre Table

The TruSystem™ 3000 OR Theatre Table comes with an extensive range of patient positioning components and accessories to serve a broad variety of surgical procedures.
The TruSystem™ 3000 OR Theatre Table has a patient weight capacity of 270kg which can accommodate a variety of individual patient and surgical needs including bariatric procedures.
The TruSystem™ OR Table ensures increased productivity, ease of use, long term reliability and patient safety allowing for intuitive use and quick set up times with the male/female coupling point system.
The Remote Control, designed from the perspective of the Anaesthetist , allows intuitive utilisation for the clinical team further enhanced by the backlit display for ease of use in low light surgical environments.
The TruSystem™ OR Table with it’s slim design provides optimal ergonomics for the Surgical Team facilitating easy positioning of the patient.
The TruSystem™ 3000 OR Theatre Table has a longitudinal shift of 340 mm and this in addition with the narrow column allows for C-Arm accessibility during intraoperative imaging.



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