Turnkey solutions and support

Turnkey solution is a large phrase containing multiple aspects for prospective customers. Providing a turnkey solution requires the involvement of the facility development teams, the design teams, our product and sales specialists and most importantly, the clinicians that will ultimately utilise the facilities. Tecmed Africa 2.0 is not interested in such projects unless the ultimate users are given an opportunity to voice their opinion on the requirements that they would need to effectively perform their medical duties.

Our services range from conceptualisation of the facilities, identifying the latest technology to provide to the facility within the set budgets, sourcing and outsourcing items and specification to suite the customer lists and then ultimately becoming intimately involved in the construction, completion of the facility to prepare it for the arrival and installation of the sophisticated equipment that we provide.

Turnkey solutions historically ended at that point, but we are determined that with each turnkey project that we agree on a lengthy period of support for the products, the operator’s and the Clinicians for the duration of such projects. We will not be identified as “box droppers” but as partners in the success of every turnkey project that we become involved in.

Our design and product management teams are ready and willing to assist any project that is viable and realisable.

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