Urocap IV Light

Portable, wireless uroflow meter that quickly and accurately measures urinary flow and volume

  • Weight Cell Uroflow recorder – Cleaner method over spinning disk.
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology – Up to 10m range, allows separation of Uroflow and Computer, thereby patient to void in privacy.
  • Integration with I-LIST® Connectivity – Gold standard reporting, provides the industries best scripted reports.
  • Liverpool, Pediatric Nomograms – Provide an accurate and reliable aid in patient diagnosis.
  • Indication of normal Uroflow rates – Adults and children.
  • EMR Connectivity – Paperless environment.
  • Battery-powered operation – Eliminates messy power plugs and enables easy portability.
  • Custom-molded, water-protected frame – Improves hygiene and simplifies cleaning (IP54 rated).
  • Portable, compact design – Ideal for a clinic environment.